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Why Can Benefit  Licensed Real Estate Professionals

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Real Estate. It seems today more than ever most people want to have some part in the real estate industry. One example of this is the great number of those who have a real estate license. What they don’t tell you in the pre-licensng class or show you on all of these new reality series is that to become a licensed real estate professional it costs money. Fees, dues, marketing materials (i.e. business cards, yard signs)etc. are one of the reasons why most realtors do not continue the education & keep up with their license after the first year.

That is why would be an amazing alternative to those in the real estate industry who are truly passionate about it but may not have the financial means to put into things like fees for different MLS sites & marketing. Individuals who do not belong to the NAR but still have real estate business they would like to continue to conduct. can benefit a licensed real estate professional who is not part of a realtor association in several ways:

Exclusive Inventory: It allows the licensed real estate professional to access properties not listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), providing a unique inventory to offer clients.

Competitive Advantage: Offering off-market properties gives the licensed real estate professional a competitive edge in a crowded real estate market.

Higher Commissions: These properties often can come with higher commission rates, as they may not involve multiple agents.

Better Control: The has more control over property listings and can negotiate directly with sellers.

Niche Specialization: Focusing on off-market properties can help the licensed real estate professional establish a niche in the real estate market.

Improved Client Relations: Clients appreciate access to exclusive opportunities, which can lead to stronger relationships and more referrals.

Flexibility: Licensed Real Estate Professional can operate independently and set their own rules and fees without association constraints.

These are all great examples of how could really benefit those in the real estate industry.

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