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Enter city and click ‘Search’ to connect directly with sellers and top agents ready to help you.

Enter city and click ‘Search’ to connect directly with sellers and top agents ready to help you.

Enter your address and click “Search” to connect directly with buyers or agents who represent buyers currently looking in your area.

Enter your address and click “Search” to connect directly with buyers or agents who represent buyers currently looking in your area.

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What brings you here today?

What brings you
here today?

Searching for real estate?

Are you searching for a home, an investment property, or a commercial space?

We go beyond mere matchmaking for off-market listings; we empower you to forge your own path with demand-oriented search tools designed to assist you in uncovering remarkable real estate investment prospects.

Simply post your search request and get matched with property owners or agents/brokers holding desirable pocket listings that meet your unique needs and investment goals.

Looking to sell property?

Are you looking to sell your property in a discreet and efficient way?

We allow sellers, real estate agents, and brokers to test market pricing and connect with serious buyers and real estate investors.

Posting a listing on is as easy as posting on social media, and our seamless transaction process empowers agents and sellers to save time, reduce headaches, and make more money.

Experience Off-Market

Play Video about Spacious family home available for sale in a serene neighborhood.

Find Off-Market Properties

Better deals

Whether you are a home buyer or real estate investor, off-market properties often hold the promise of better deals, more transparency and less competition.

Where demand meets opportunity

From vacant properties and inherited properties, to absentee owners, pre-foreclosures, burnt out landlords, high equity owners, celebrities and divorcees, discover off market opportunities that match your unique preferences.

Quickly find ideal off market properties

Use search filters to refine your search and find optimal off-market properties across industrial, residential, or commercial real estate, all available for purchase.

Quickly find ideal
off market properties

Use search filters to refine your search and find optimal off-market properties across industrial, residential, or commercial real estate, all available for purchase.

Privacy and exclusivity

Discover hidden and untapped opportunities in the
off-market ecosystem, while maintaining privacy, especially when dealing with sensitive and high-profile transactions.

Post A Search Request

Demand-driven match

The "Post a Search Request," also referred to as the 'In Search Of' (ISO) feature, enables buyers, investors, agents, and brokers to express their specific requirements. It facilitates connections with owners and agents who have off-market real estate opportunities, commonly known as pocket listings.

Smart match has harnessed technology to match and directly connect "Search Requests" with relevant sellers and agents holding pocket listings. This significantly reduces the time, effort, and resources required to find the right match.


We offer access to real estate opportunities that were once limited to a select few. Whether you're interested in residential, multifamily, industrial, or commercial properties, post a "Search Request" to connect with agents and sellers who are ready to strike a mutually enriching deal.

Find Motivated Buyers

Quickly find off-market buyers

Filter through search requests posted by buyers, investors, and real estate agents or brokers working with buyers who are eager to hear from you.

Shoot your shot

Find ideal matches and contact buyers directly to present why your property is exactly what they’re looking for based on the details of their search request.

Connect directly

Connect directly with the buyers or agents who represent buyers. Sell your property without listing, staging, open houses.

List Your Property

Listing your property is free and easy

Our user-friendly platform makes posting a listing as easy as posting on social media so agents and sellers can save time, reduce headaches, and make more money.

Better Process For Selling A Property

Off-market transactions are appealing for their potential to secure better deals and enable quicker, more confidential transactions. Test the market conditions, pricing, and connect with motivated buyers and investors. Your listing won't go stale by accumulating days on the market.

Agents, brokers, and sellers

Whether you are a listing agent or broker, or a seller listing your property as ‘for sale by owner’, our easy-to-use listing feature allows you to showcase your off-market properties to an audience of motivated buyers and investors. Sell without staging, open houses or hassles.

Connect with Decision Makers

Direct Communication Fosters Better Deals

By engaging directly with motivated buyers and sellers, you can tap into a wealth of valuable insights and negotiate deals that are tailor-made to align with your investment or sale objectives. This allows for a deeper understanding of each party's needs, resulting in more efficient and mutually beneficial transactions.

Net worth network

Join our Net Worth Network today and open the door to a world of off-market real estate opportunities. Here, you can establish meaningful connections with like-minded individuals in the real estate sphere. This network not only fosters collaboration but also opens the door to potential partnerships that can be instrumental in your real estate endeavors.

A community of motivated
buyers and sellers

Through Off-Market, you can navigate the real estate market with confidence, knowing that clear communication and valuable networking are at the heart of every opportunity, ultimately leading to better deals and more prosperous outcomes.

How To Get Started


create account

Create a Free Account that allows for full access to post unlimited listings, searches, offers, and connect with members on the platform.


List or Search Properties

List your property to attract active buyers and investors on the platform, and search properties by posting search request. Connect with decision makers directly.


Find and Close Deals

Make, accept, and negotiate offers privately through direct messaging on the platform. Get access to the best deals and close easier and faster.

Why Choose Off-Market

Make more money

For far too long, lucrative off-market opportunities, often referred to as pocket listings, have been accessible only through personal connections and word-of-mouth. This exclusivity has restricted access, limiting the potential for financial gain. At, we’re on a mission to democratize access to off-market real estate, ensuring that everyone has the chance to maximize their earnings.


Transparency is at the core of’s vision. We are a centralized marketplace and community, built upon principles of verification and trust. By bringing all stakeholders within the off-market ecosystem under one roof, we create a platform where you can engage transparently and navigate these opportunities efficiently.

Balancing Access and Privacy

At, we understand the delicate balance between accessibility and privacy. While we’re committed to democratizing access to off-market deals and making them readily available and transparent, we also prioritize safeguarding your privacy and discretion. Our platform is designed to strike this crucial equilibrium, ensuring that you can seize off-market opportunities without compromising confidentiality.

Save time

No more endless networking, conferences, events or daisy chains. connects not only buyers and sellers but also various real estate professionals, lending and insurance providers, enabling partnership opportunities and time savings.

Motivated buyers meet motivated sellers

Establish connections with motivated buyers and sellers who are committed to closing deals. Direct engagement enables direct communication with key decision-makers, streamlining the process and preventing time wastage.

Price verification

Don’t let the listing go stale and linger on the market for months. Take proactive steps by listing your property to assess the level of interest among potential buyers.

Reduce headaches

We are leveraging technology to resolve age-old challenges in the real estate domain. This empowers users with access to a comprehensive range of financing options, professional resources, and investment opportunities, enabling them to optimize their wealth building journey.

Hassle-free transactions

We offer human-centric solutions to alleviate the often stressful nature of real estate transactions. Our role is to bridge the gap among real estate stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and investors, by facilitating a smooth and seamless experience throughout the process.

Transact on your terms

Our solutions enable users to strike a balance between transparency, privacy and control of their assets. serves as a dynamic networking platform, offering access to a diverse network of buyers, sellers, investors, agents, and brokers, facilitating the seamless sharing, discovery, and capitalization of off-market real estate opportunities.


Capture Your Share of the Market

With Off-Market real estate valued at a staggering $300 billion industry, imagine the potential for profit.

Approximately 1-in-10 real estate transactions are Off-Market deals – don’t miss out on this significant opportunity!

Confidential and Results-Driven: connects discerning buyers and sellers in an efficient and results-driven manner. We empower you to sell or buy properties on your own terms.

Gateway to Exclusive Opportunities:

Real estate is a powerful wealth-building tool, and at, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance to participate. Our platform breaks down barriers through transparency, enabling you to access pocket listings that were once reserved for a privileged few.

Empowering Financial Mobility:

Empowering you in your journey towards financial freedom through providing you with access to previously untapped  investment opportunities.

Transparency and Efficiency:

Say goodbye to unnecessary headaches and time-consuming processes. streamlines real estate communication, ensuring you save valuable time and direct access to decision makers.

expert customer support

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our mission. Our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that your experience on our off-market real estate platform is seamless and rewarding. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or encounter any issues, we are committed to delivering top-tier support to meet your unique needs and help you make the most of your off-market opportunities.

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Give us a call toll-free: (561)900-4362

Frequently Asked Questions

Off-market" refers to properties that are not publicly listed on traditional real estate platforms. These properties are typically not widely advertised, providing unique investment opportunities.

You can join by clicking on “Sign Up for Free” in the right corner of the site. Simply create an account, and you'll gain access to our network and property listings.

Yes, joining is free. However, there may be premium features or services added in the future available for a fee.

Absolutely! provides a platform for property owners and real estate agents and brokers to list off-market properties, increasing the exposure to potential buyers and investors.

Post a search request and connect with owners or real estate agents that have access to real estate opportunities that aren’t listed.

After logging in, you can use our search filters to narrow down your preferences, including location, property type, and more, to find off-market properties that match your criteria.

You can use our platform to initiate contact with property owners, sellers, or their representatives. We provide messaging tools to facilitate communication.

Yes, caters to both residential and commercial real estate sectors, offering a wide range of off-market property opportunities in both categories.

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